Beautiful adult birthday cake decorated with edible fruits and flowers


No matter what age you are, cake is a big part of your special night. The birthday cake for a child and the adult birthday cake are very different. If for children we focus on decorating with pastel and candy colors, and we put figures of cute animals in it, the adult cake will be perfect if the taste is very good. It is no longer enough to put sugar and a few toys on top.What makes birthday cake perfect adult First is the taste. It is very important to know the preferences of the person celebrating his birthday and to take a cake that he will like. The options are many. The principle is to start by asking yourself the questions: what cream you want, what dough and whether it will be a chocolate, fruit, caramel or vanilla cake. Ask a professional if you’ve chosen a combination you haven’t seen before.Second is the presentation. Once you know what your cake will be in it, it’s time to decide how you’re going to decorate it. Edible flowers and forest fruits are very popular these days. It is possible to create a piece of art using the products you choose to use. Even better if you can help yourself to fresh cream.Find below this page, the most beautiful adult birthday cakes. Our image gallery will guide you. As for cake recipes, you can consult our birthday section  for inspiration. If you decide to order a cake, don’t hesitate to send the photo of the cake you like the most and ask your pastry chef to recreate it. Good luck and happy birthday!Beautiful adult birthday cake decorated with edible fruits and flowers Beautiful adult birthday cake easy and original cake View in gallery

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Make a pretty adult birthday cake with fruit and chocolate

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Nice colorful and well decorated cake with stars – choose a cool adult birthday cake

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