Maintaining Jewelry

Effective Tips For Cleaning and Maintaining Jewelry

595 ViewsThe question is, who doesn’t want to show off their platinum necklace or diamond ring while they’re out partying? But you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors by donning a necklace that’s lost its luster or is stained with mustard sauce if you did that. Unless you prefer to retain your jewelry in its […]

Good Quality Jewelry

How To Identify Good Quality Jewelry

122 ViewsJewelry can have a wide variety of prices depending on the piece. The jewelry you value highly may only be worth a few dollars, while an item as seemingly basic as a necklace may be worth hundreds. So, how would you determine the value of a stone you just bought at a yard sale […]

diamond wedding ring

How to choose the right diamond wedding ring?

159 ViewsChoosing your wedding ring is an important moment for several reasons. By its symbolism, the alliance is the representation of the union of two beings, but also of two families. This jewel is also the symbol of love and the fidelity of the couple. This symbolism also has universal value, since it is found […]