Bridal makeup for brown eyes: the right choices


The wedding dress is done! The wedding hairstyle is good, you have already spotted the model you like. Would your bridal look be complete? Not so sure ! Aren’t you forgetting a little detail? Indeed, without proper wedding makeup, all your efforts will be minimized. Today we take care of brown eyes  and offer some advice to brides with brown eyes who dream of a sublime look and an original wedding .

If you have dark eyes and want to show off your beautiful eyes at your wedding reception, do not hesitate to pick from these recommendations those that may be useful to you.


Brown eyes are lucky enough to be able to use just about every color available! If it is better to avoid tone on tone (brown on brown), the rest of the colors are authorized unlike green and blue eyes whose palette is more limited.

If you have a fair complexion, do not hesitate to use pastel shades ( champagne, water green, pink ) for a natural bridal makeup . On the other hand, they are to be avoided for dark skin to the risk of making the look dull. If you have dark skin choose for example a golden brown shadow.

If your eyes are very dark, dare black smoky-eye eyes hadow or powerful colors like orange, purple, dark blue or khaki.

The ideal mascara

When it comes to choosing the color of your mascara, turn to black , brown or even plum . A brown eye often has small touches of yellow or green. If this is your case, a purple mascara can help illuminate your eyes well beyond the classic black mascara. A way like any other to bring a touch of originality to your bridal makeup for brown eyes.


If your make-up for a brunette bride consists of a dark eyes hadow, remember to place your powder on the mobile eyelid and going towards the outside of your eye. It is also recommended to apply a lighter shadow in the inner part of your eyes.

Do you want sophisticated makeup ? Use three shades of shadow for a light to dark gradient starting from the inner corner of the eye. Whichever powder or technique you choose, consider blending your eyes hadow slightly after applying it for a natural -looking wedding make-up .


In order to display an intense look for your big day, start by redrawing the contours of your eyes with eyeliner or black kohl like Lebanese wedding makeup . To bring light to your brown eyes you can put a touch of purple or copper on your eyelids or even a translucent or silver shadow in the corner of the eye with just enough glitter to instantly wake up your look .

A few tips for little eyes

Are your brown eyes small? There are many techniques, the details of which you will find in particular in wedding makeup tutorials to help you enlarge your look . The white pencil is for example an ally of choice. Apply it inside your lower eyelid for an instant boost. Makeup your eyebrows is also a little trick to enlarge the look. Start by brushing them out, then apply an eye shadow that is a little darker than the color of your eyebrows . Transparent mascara will allow you to fix everything.

We hope these wedding makeup ideas have given you all the inspiration you need to embark on your own version of your brown eye highlight. And now, are you really done with your big day look? Don’t believe that! You still have to find a bridal bouquet that matches your dress, your hairstyle and your beautiful makeup. It’s your turn

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