Cashmere, to wear in all seasons


Cashmere takes center stage during the winter period. Comfortable, silky and refined, this material embodies elegance in a winter look. But who said that cashmere clothes are only reserved for periods of extreme cold? Indeed, know that this material adapts perfectly to all seasons. Decryption.

Understand the process of making a cashmere garment

Cashmere is one of the noble textiles. Wearing a cashmere garment, like the men’s cashmere sweater , allows you to be more elegant in your daily outfit.

This material comes from the cashmere goat, a species native to the Himalayan plateaus, between India and China. It is the downs in the belly of the animal that make it possible to produce the textile fiber. Finally, this natural fiber remains rare, because several goats are needed to be able to make a garment.

Either way, the process of obtaining cashmere fiber is quite an art. Wool harvesting, cleaning, sorting, spinning, weaving… A whole technique is hidden behind the making of each item.

The rarity of the raw material, its quality as well as the complexity of manufacturing the fibers explain why cashmere clothing is classified as an elitist product. Cashmere was also, at the base, literally intended for the aristocracy. However, it is becoming more democratic today to become a fashion item in its own right.

Cashmere: the essential material in winter

In a men’s wardrobe, the knit sweater is a great winter basic. If the classic sheep’s wool garment is what immediately comes to mind, how about opting for the cashmere sweater? We find cashmere on other winter items, like the stole or socks.

This animal fiber is comfortable to wear and very soft to the touch. Cashmere is therefore very pleasant to wear. Among its qualities, count also its good ability to regulate heat. In other words, a cashmere garment helps you stay warm in winter.

To enjoy optimal heating, opt for items designed with the most fiber. The number of threads can vary between 2 to 24 threads. The more threads, the thicker and warmer the garment.

To adopt a trendy winter outfit, wear a pretty cashmere turtleneck sweater on top of woolen trousers with Prince of Wales checks. Sport a “so chic” look by wearing Brogue boots.

Wear cashmere clothes in summer

If in winter, we favor clothes designed with several cashmere threads, in summer, we will do the opposite. For the warm season, favor items designed with ultra- fine cashmere . The light and airy property of cashmere makes it a suitable material for summer.

You should know that cashmere naturally has notes of ivory, shades of brown or gray. However, you will find cashmere items dyed with brighter colors on the market. To compose your summer or spring outfit, dare the vitamin colors. This allows you to punch up your look.

For example, wear a nice white shirt with jeans and sneakers. Then, complete your look by tying a red cashmere summer sweater around the shoulder. A casual chic look, very BCBG guaranteed! Just put on your sweater to warm up on cool summer evenings. You can also opt for a short-sleeved cashmere polo shirt paired with chinos for a lighter look .

Tip for the end: in summer, you can also wear a garment designed with a combination of materials, such as cashmere + cotton.

Cashmere items keep you stylish in both winter and summer. What’s more, different choices of clothes and accessories are to choose from

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