Halloween top 6 costumes for your children


Without a doubt,  Halloween is one of the most anticipated and appreciated holidays by children. This Monday, October 31, 2016 , at nightfall, while the school holidays are in full swing, they will be transformed to spend an unforgettable moment with family and friends.

Here is a small list of mixed disguises, girl or boy, which should delight your little budding terrors!

1.The pumpkin costume, ideal for toddlers

You are betting on a safe bet, especially if your child is still young. Little scary, but totally in the spirit of Halloween, the pumpkin costume is a co-ed costume that is always a big hit.

If you prefer to make it yourself rather than buy it in stores, it’s a light and fun idea that your toddler will particularly appreciate. Making the pumpkin disguise requires little material and you will find many tutorials on the Internet to guide you in its realization.

2.The vampire disguise, the traditional one at the top of the list

Of course, it is more popular with boys, the aim of the game being to obtain an amazing result with all the friends in the neighborhood. On the clothing side, it is also very simple to prepare since clothes from your wardrobe are enough: a white shirt, black pants and possibly a red scarf, to tie around the waist, are the basic elements. Only the cape may fail you, but in this case, it is enough to design it with a piece of black fabric or a plastic garbage bag.

The final touch is a decisive element to perfect your little vampire: he needs an adequate make-up that takes your hair off!

3.The witch costume, a girl’s favorite

Generally, little girls dream of dressing up as a princess, but for Halloween, the witch outfit is in the spotlight. Pointed hat on the head, dark dress put on, crepe hair and painted face, they will all be ready to straddle their broom to sneak into the dark streets of the block of houses.

4.The skeleton disguise, the timeless of the party

For children as for adults, it is the unbeatable of a successful Halloween party. If side clothes the black is put from head to toe, everything is played on the make-up of the face. Your little skeleton therefore deserves very special attention so that its make-up is perfect. If you plan to buy a makeup kit, prefer a quality one, dermatologically tested.

5.The devil or she-devil costume, the emblematic of Halloween

No Halloween without a little devil or she-devil! Both terrifying and glamorous, this disguise is unanimous. Pants, dress or skirt, bet on the bright colors of hell (red, orange) and careful makeup based on black and red body paint. To perfect the panoply of your devil or your she-devil, we think of putting on his head the famous devil horns or a pointed headband.

6.The most popular ghost costume

It is as popular as it is appreciated by toddlers. It is also very easy to make using a simple white sheet that you just have to adjust to your child’s build. With a few scissor cuts, the eyes are cut out so that your child can see through the sheet. Then remember to draw the face (mouth, nose and eyebrows) of your little ghost on the fabric using a black marker. For a perfect effect, complete the costume with some accessories, such as, for example, white gloves.

And for this Halloween party to be unforgettable, don’t forget to provide the traditional candy bags, as well as decorate your front door with any spooky item! Your little visitors are likely to be numerous and will be touched by these little attentions planned for them.

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