Dressing up: an activity with multiple benefits for a child


Dressing up is an activity that is often enjoyed, especially by toddlers! And for good reason, it is an activity that requires calling on their imagination, their creativity, and allows them to play by imitating. This is a very enriching workshop, which brings a lot to the children.

Dress up to learn to dress and develop motor skills

It is the parents who choose their children’s clothes and help them to dress. But if the children have the possibility of disguising themselves, they are the masters of their choices! This is an opportunity for them to learn how to put on pants, find the front and back, or even tie a belt.

Motor skills will also be greatly stimulated by the handling of buttons, holes, pockets or even zippers. Your children discover new sensations, but also learn to use these elements independently.

Unleash creativity with disguise

A child’s creativity is in full swing when dressing up. He is the one who decides how he will dress! This game allows you to develop your imagination, because a piece of cloth can quickly become a cowboy scarf, a pillowcase can become a cape, and a duffel bag a weapon to attack the bad guys.

If the activity takes place between several children, they will create a multitude of stories. They will invent among themselves various characters who will become the heroes saving a city from an attack, pirates looking for treasure, and even knights coming to the aid of a princess! You will also be surprised to find out what profession your child imitates. This which could already put you in the ear about his personality.

A quest for identification and self-affirmation through disguise

By playing dress up, your children will have fun imitating voices, facial expressions and behaviors. Sometimes they will even imitate you. This is an important time during which your children build their identity, allowing them to think of themselves as someone else.

They then feel “protected” by their costume, and no longer think they depend on an adult, especially if they are disguised as a witch or a pirate!

It is also a way to tame their fears. They will be able to wear a ghost or zombie costume, which will allow them to familiarize themselves with a character that scares them, and to modify its characteristics as they wish.

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